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A BottleWick Makes Terrific Wine Bottle Lamps
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Very Creative

Very creative and innovative idea. I would definitely buy one for my dad since he is such a wine fan. The idea is great, since you would throw most of them away. Easeof ordering was great, I pay with visa so It is very easy for me.

- Submitted by Molly Powers


What a great idea!

What a great idea! What I like best about them is how simple it is to use them, no tools needed! Fantastic!

- Submitted by Flora Wilkins

 They Will Reduce Waste

I like the fact that they will reduce waste. People may not throw as many wine bottles in the trash, if they don't recycle. It seems like it would be a fun project for kids to give as gifts for any occasion. They could decorate the bottle however they liked, and have an adult insert the wick.

- Submitted by Kent Jordan

Price Is Affordable

The wine bottle wick is a good idea. My husband and I spend a lot of money on bottles of wine. We usually just save the empty bottle but now we can make it into a candle. Makes a center piece for conversation. The price is affordable. And the ordering process is easy.

- Submitted by Jeannette Walters

I Like The Simplicity

Simple idea but it works. I like the simplicity and the idea of marking a special day with a bottle that may already be considered special. The site was easy to read, review and order from. I will use the product for special events for example to celebrate my son's upcoming 21st birthday.

- Submitted by Shari Day




Easy To Assemble 

The product is easy to assemble for any age group, any glass bottle can be used. The uses are unlimited. I recommend as a center piece for romantic dinner, table pieces at a restaurant, inexpensive table decorations for a party,reception, or even a wedding. The ordering process is easily seen. The order now buttons are not hidden. The cost is very affordable, and items offered in a display of quantity even offering a promotion. The payment methods are very clear.

- Submitted by Dale Sanders

PRODUCT REVIEW: The best part about this product is that it is elegant, it has class and makes use of wine bottles which makes it even more classy.

USAGE: These can be used as decoration articles or even in restaurants for candle light dinners. These can be used as a gift to someone.

COST: It is very reasonably priced.

EASE OF ORDERING: It is very easy to order as the site has a very good web interface and supports all the major credit cards.

- Submitted by Chester Bailey


Great Product!!

What a great idea!! You're absolutely right, we save special occassion bottles or bottles that just look good. What a unique way to make them not only beautiful but practical. They would highlight any room and I'm surprised that your product is priced reasonable. Great product!!

- Submitted by Nora Delgado


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Clever Product

The Wine Bottle Wick is a clever product. My wife and I have had the champagne bottle from our wedding sitting on a shelf for 12 years, and this could make it much more useful. We have several other bottles that this would go nicely in, and I can think of many people that a wine oil lamp would make a nice gift for. The pricing seems very reasonable.   Nice website and nice product!

- Submitted by Anna Ross


For all you people out there that hate to throw away useful things (like a perfectly good wine bottle), this one is for you. The Wine BottleWick allows you to take a nice wine bottle that no longer has wine in it and use it as a candle. The price really can't be beat, and the purchasing process is smooth and easy for everyone to handle.

- Submitted by Joey Harrison






Makes a Lasting Keepsake

What a great way to turn that special wedding or birthday or anniversary wine bottle into a lasting keepsake. It is nice to be able to use something special to make something that can be used over and over again.

I like the idea that you showed how to do it with great pictures. That picture of the cluster of bottles gives a great suggestion to make a table centerpiece. And you do offer deals for more. The ease of ordering is great. I am going to email your site to my parish secretary. We have a number of evening events and this is a great idea.

Thank you

- Submitted by Fredrick Byrd