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A BottleWick Makes Terrific Wine Bottle Lamps
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Ambient Style is a small company located in Denver, Colorado.  We develop unique gifts, keepsakes and centerpiece items shipping them all around the country.  We manufacture our own items.  A couple of our other products include:

 Paul & Rachael Vincet- Owners Of BottleWicks


We manufacture the ceramic wick holders for our BottleWicks and import them direct to Colorado.  Then we assemble the wicks to the holders and sell them around the country direct to consumers.  

Please give us a call Toll FREE  Phone 800-798-4371 if you have any questions or would like to place an order.  We will quickly call you back or ship your order out after receiving payment.  Thanks so much for visiting our site 

Paul & Rachael Vincent- Owner        Phone 800-798-4371

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